Be Aware Of: An Opus to an Octopus

Hello, everyone.

So, we all know octopi (or, more correctly, octopuses) are cool. But did you know that they are also AMAZING? In October 2011, a press release was published by the Geological Society of America that detailed the discovery of a mass gravesite of Ichthyosaurs (Triassic relatives of sperm whales) in Nevada. This is weird already: Icthyosaurs are massive, so what could be so easily killing them all in one place? But then it got weirder. The Icthyosaur vertebrae were arranged in an unnatural fashion. Mount Holyoke College paleontologist Mark McMenamin believes that this sort of arrangement is oddly similar to a tentacle of a squid. A very big squid. Perhaps, even, a Kraken.

Here’s what we know.Octopuses are crazy. They have weird brains and an innate sense of self. So is this Ichtyosaur burial in reality a self-portrait of very massive, very lonely prehistoric squid monster? Maybe. Maybe not. What it is is absolutely astounding. And it’s something to be aware of.

Thank you.


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